Mosaic Initiative

Mosaic Initiative is a non-governmental, not-for-profit Organisation based in Britain, working directly with human rights defenders and NGOs inside Syria and neighbouring countries. Mosaic Initiative fulfils a variety of tasks and objectives that fall within the framework of providing humanitarian relief to Syrian citizens inside the country, displaced Syrians within Syria and in refugee camps on the borders with Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. At present, the work of Mosaic Initiative is focused on the provision of urgent aid (shelter, medicine, food, clothing, educational materials, etc.) to the stricken areas in Syrian cities and towns. Also, on bringing material aid to families living under conditions of extreme poverty due to the current political crisis.

Hand in Hand for Aid & Development

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD) has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian aid in Syria since the start of the conflict in 2011. Established by a group of British-Syrians, the charity has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors that serves the Syrian communities both within Syria and in neighbouring countries. HIHFAD is present where needed most, serving Syrian communities within Syria and in Turkey. They have access to some of the hardest hit areas inside Syria, where work is coordinated from the HIHFAD offices in Syria, Turkey and the UK. Their goal is to empower every Syrian in need by strengthening resilience, distributing humanitarian aid, reconstructing vital infrastructure and implementing sustainable livelihood programmes

Syrian Legal Development Programme

The Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) was established in 2013 and operates as a non-aligned, non-governmental organisation. The idea of SLDP emerged as a result of the Syrian conflict, which erupted in 2011, after realising the importance of addressing complex legal needs triggered by conflicts. These needs concern both the country as a whole and different stakeholders in the conflict. It is of utmost importance to address legal voids in order to prevent major human rights violations and uphold the rule of law, and this is particularly complex in conflict areas. Different stakeholders, such as humanitarian workers and NGOs, civil society organizations, temporary institutions and the general public have many and various legal needs. Addressing these needs for Syrians is a task with huge challenges due to the ever-changing dynamics of the conflict. SLDP has made its mission to utilise its legal expertise and contextual knowledge to address current and developing legal needs in Syria. Through its team of researchers, lawyers, trainers and human rights advocates, SLDP’s mandate is to promote human rights and the rule of law to minimise the negative humanitarian consequences of the Syrian conflict.

Syria Solidarity Campaign

The Syria Solidarity Campaign (SSC) is based in the UK and includes a network of activists and supporters committed to solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. The main purpose of the Syria Solidarity Campaign is to amplify the voices of Syrians struggling for peace and freedom. We want to work with all existing campaigns and organisations to help build a campaign that can assist the Syrian people in their struggle for a democratic, just, free and pluralist Syria. In addition, we want to bring Syria’s war criminals to justice.

Syrian Association of Yorkshire

The Syrian Association of Yorkshire is non-profit organisation created in Yorkshire to help and support Syrians to engage with the society and be positive.

Helping Others to Progress & Evolve (HOPE)

Masrrat, is a civil society organization that works on effective contribution to sustainable processes of social and economic development. They carry out their work by implementing programs that uplift marginalized Syrians. Helping to overcome financial, social, educational and intellectual poverty in the community. Masrrat works via their large team inside Syria and its vast network of relationships with national and international partners. Their vision is to create a pioneering development and humanitarian system that seeks to positively impact the community. It hopes to enable community members to equip themselves with the highest skills in development and innovation. Their mission is to strive to create a society free of suffering and poverty, where people live with freedom and dignity. Masrrat intend to do this through the work of a specialized team, who are transparent and responsible. Masrrat works on various programmes inside Syria, in partnership with International NGOs. These are: Food Security & Livelihood, Education, Child Protection, Women Empowerment, Shelter & NFI and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Syrian British Medical Society

The Syrian British Medical Society is a non-profit, non-political organization embracing all health care professionals of Syrian decent, residing in the UK. The Society aims at promoting the highest professional and ethical standards amongst British-Syrian Health Care Professionals, and the creation and promotion of academic and professional links with the Health Care Profession in Syria and related organisations worldwide.

Syrian Welsh Society

SWS liaises and collaborates with the local and regional authorities to help Syrian refugees to settle well in the UK. SWS also participates in putting together, with the Welsh government and other organisations, a plan for mental health support for refugees.

In addition to that, SWS provides advocacy and support for translating and filling the different documents and applications needed for the refugees since they arrive at Wales. We run a programme called “ENGAGE” to help Syrian refugees to engage well with the Welsh and British communities. This comprises 4 main domains; study, health services, work and life in the UK.

Wipe the Tears

Wipe the Tears is a Scottish Registered Charity, founded in February 2015. They are run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers that have been actively volunteering since it was founded. Their mission is to support children, especially orphans, widows and local Syrian refugees through aid and long-term development programmes. They wholeheartedly believe that every penny donated to their organisation is to be strictly used to improve a child’s life. They are unique in terms of what we aim to tackle. They provide more than humanitarian aid. Amongst their several projects, they plan to establish workshops, educating children and their families in accordance with the environment they are forced to live in. Through their workshops, they aim to break the silence and stigmas attached to issues such as rape, drugs, organ trafficking and having the label of refugee status.

Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

The escalating war in Syria has brought with it the significant deterioration of all aspects of life for its citizens, particularly in the area of psychosocial factors. It had also been noticed that there was an acute shortage of organized mental health professionals; these two factors were the catalyst for the formation of the Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH). SAMH is an independent Syrian association for psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers. SAMH seeks to promote comprehensive psychological health and wellbeing, and to become an established leading scientific association, offering supervised services, consultations, studies and research in the field of psychiatry, psychology and clinical social work.

Syria Peace and Justice

Is an open, London-based non-sectarian grassroots group, formed in October 2013. Their wish is to promote a peaceful end to the conflict in Syria as well as justice and human rights for all its people. We seek to apply non-violent pressure in pursuit of the following aims:

  • All Syrian and foreign parties, including the UK, to address the desperate humanitarian situation and end all human rights abuses without the use of further violence
  • The UK and all foreign actors to stop fuelling the conflict through supplies of arms and ammunition, troops and military financing
  • An inclusive, Syrian-led peace process
  • The UK and other countries to accept their fair share of refugees
  • Full accountability for war crimes and other human rights violations committed by all sides
  • Stand in solidarity with Syrians working non-violently for peace, freedom, human rights and social justice in Syria

Action for Sama

Action for Sama is a community based organisation.

Syria Relief

Syria Relief is a charity based in the UK.

Syrian British Society of the Built Environment

A group of activists based in the UK. Syrian British Society of the Built Environment collaborates with civil society and local authorities to help Syrian civil engineers refugees to settle well in the UK.

Human Care Syria- Watan

Human Care Syria-WATAN is a leading Civil Society Organization delivering emergency relief, third sector support and long-term international development projects. They are committed to helping people and reviving communities. It is independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-sectarian organization. They operate several integrated programs with the aim of addressing humanitarian emergency response and sustainable community revival through holistic and transformative approach. They believe in the role of Civil Society in the various phases of intervention. For this reason, they invest in supporting and developing Civil Society in our areas of reach. They also create platforms for coordination and integration to maximize impact on communities served. To achieve their goal, they seek to be the preferred partner for international agencies in areas of specialization and reach.

Souriyat Across border

Souriyat Across border is a charoty based in the UK.

Civil Activists for Syria UK & Ireland

Civil Activists for Syria UK & Ireland is a charity based in the UK.

David Nott Foundation

The David Nott Foundation was established with a simple mission: to provide the surgeons and medical professionals working in the most hostile environments with the skills and the confidence to save more lives.

There is unfortunate certainty in the enduring occurrence of conflict and natural disaster. Environmental catastrophe and civil unrest are becoming an increasingly inherent part of our global landscape. At the frontlines of these crises are the doctors and medical professionals who work tirelessly – often against the odds – to help victims and preserve life.

Yet in countries where resources are scarce, and access to equipment and training is limited, these doctors are left to face the most challenging of circumstances, ill-equipped and unsupported.

Oxford Syria Society

The Oxford Syria Society is dedicated to the development of a space that brings Syrians together and


Qisetna is a community based organisation.

SBMS Foundation

the objective of SBMS Foundation is to relieve sickness and to preserve and protect good health for the public benefit by the provision of equipment, medicines, medical aid, facilities and personnel, particularly in (but not limited) to, syria, turkey, lebanon, iraq and greece by:- i)providing healthcare services to people who cannot access or afford basic healthcare needs; ii)providing or assisting in the provision of education, training and support in healthcare related programmesb) to relieve need among people who are victims of poverty, famine, disease, natural and man made disasters, wars and civil wars irrespective of race , religion, ideology or politics.

Syria Notes

Syria Notesaims to inform UK policy debates with factual reporting of events in Syria. We are committed to amplifying Syrian pro democracy and pro human rights voices. We are wholly independent and are not aligned to any government, party, or faction.

Syria Public Health Network

SPHN aims to provide a space for dialogue, advocacy and analysis on issues important to the health of Syrians including current as well as future public health trends that have arisen from the Syrian crisis. We do this through i. Convening and curating closed meetings with representatives from donor agencies, United Nations and those working-on-the ground to address the challenges they face and possible policy responses ii. Hosting open meetings to highlight key health issues and humanitarian response issues iii. Producing and disseminating policy briefs, academic outputs and media editorials. Our next phase of development is to support the capacity building of the Syrian healthcare workforce (including education and training) within and outside of Syria.

The network engages with a variety of policy actors as advisors and experts on Syria and the humanitarian response; this includes the World Health Organization, European Union delegation to Syria, UN ESCWA, Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, World Bank MENA, Medicine du Monde as well as academic institutions in the region and Europe.

SOAS Syria Society

SOAS Syria Society aim to raise awareness about the current situation in Syria, support the revolution through and through, as well as celebrating Syrian culture, tradition and history.

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM)

Founded in January 2012 in France, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) is a coalition of humanitarian, non-governmental, and medical organizations from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Turkey.Member organizations pool their resources and coordinate joint projects to provide independent and impartial relief and medical care to victims of war in Syria.UOSSM chapters work under a unified strategic framework to increase the effectiveness of the humanitarian response in areas of crisis.

UOSSM provides humanitarian and medical assistance to all Syrian victims of war regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation.